Multifamily Construction

Multifamily Construction:


With P&R as your multifamily contractor, we provide the most comprehensive multifamily construction services. We provide EVERYTHING your property needs from service to capex to renovations, we are here for you. You are always #1 with our extensive team of P&R’s in-house concierge service, estimators and construction superintendents.

Our concierge service team keeps you up to date throughout your project. P&R offers each one of our customers an individual portal, giving them complete transparency in their project. From instant notifications to updated photos, our system shows customers an array of details for their project.

Give us a call to schedule a time to consult with us about your project. We would love the chance to let you know why we are perfect for your property’s needs.


Full Apartment Renovations:

Transforming apartment floor coverings, wall paint and textures, light fixtures, and other appliances until you are satisfied with the new design is our pleasure. Our work is detailed and careful, done right the first time so that you and your residents can enjoy the new design and layout.

Clubhouse Remodels:

We understand that inconveniencing residents while remodeling an existing clubhouse is a top concern so we aim to work in phases to allow the least amount of disruption as we upgrade the design of your space.

Repurposing Buildings:

Adaptive reuse of a building already in place is a smart way to recycle an existing building for your own needs. Avoiding the demolition expense and cleanup while making use of existing structures can decrease your costs and garner community approval at the outset of your project. You also save time as our renovation of the property is focused on building or repurposing rather than demolition and clean up.

Historical Renovation Projects:

We work with you to restore the original condition of an old structure. If you have an antique or historical site needing a professional touch, we are ready to repair old fixtures, replace rotted materials, and repaint the interior and exterior with new formulations designed to protect and beautify the structure for years to come.

Fitness Rooms:

You want to inspire potential residents to come be a part of your community. Accomplish your goals by remodeling your fitness room with an eye for natural lighting, sleek lines, and attention to design colors and small details. Start inspiring future residents with your design remodel today.

Dog Parks & Grooming Stations:

With 67% of American households owning a pet, it makes sense to have a clean and comfortable area for residents to groom and exercise their pets. Renovating this space can increase the sociability of residents and attract newcomers who want to be a part of the excitement. We have experience renovating these types of areas and want to get you started attracting new guests today.

Capital Improvements:

There is immense pressure within governing bodies to improve and maintain the existing infrastructure of your property. If you need a renovation of an existing facility, we have the experience and know-how to make your improvements come to life on your schedule and with a price your community can live with.


From remodeling an old historical house with water damage to repurposing a retail center, changing the layout of a hotel lobby to updating wall colors and bathroom fixtures in every room, we have seen it all and done it all too. There is nothing we as a team have not faced. Our attention to detail such as trim and specific texture matches is unmatched. We have full confidence that we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


We have worked with drywall, sheetrock, gypsum board, plaster board, enviroboard, and the moisture-resistant versions of drywall, such as cement board and green board. We work with you to match the rest of the wall with the exact paint color and texture.


We want you to be satisfied with all choices of doors, molding, trim, flooring, wall paneling and crown molding so we work with you to assure that all is the right cut and color for your project.


Furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FFE) choice and installation is part of our service commitment to you. We continue working until the project is completed to your specifications.


We know that water damage or water vapor is a serious concern with unwanted health implications for your employees or guests. We work to repair any damage and address any problems causing the original water intrusion.


We understand that time is money so we work efficiently to renovate your units with the paint, walls, fixtures, and appliances you choose. Whether you need a complete overhaul of all units or just some touch ups, we work quickly to meet your needs.


We have worked with many materials including matching texture using different types of brushes. If you are matching a texture that was applied by hand we determine the trowel and we match the pattern manually. We also match sprayed textures such as splatter knockdown, orangepeel, or popcorn.


We work with timber, laminate, vinyl, bamboo, cork, tile made of porcelain, ceramic or natural stone, and carpet. Basically, if you want to use it to make a floor, we have made a floor with it before. Our experience is what sets us apart.


We work with the latest technology and necessary permits to schedule and carry out full demolitions when needed. Our experience means that there are no delays or unnecessary expenses. From the building inspection & permits to the hauling away of debris, we do it all from start to finish.


You can give us as much or as little direction as you like for your landscaping needs. We know how to carry out your professional landscape plans and listen to any changes along the way as we make your landscaping vision come to life.