The Lofts at Sterling Mill

The historical renovation of the Sterling Cotton Mill in Franklinton, NC took place in 2018-2019. This beautiful L-shaped brick building was once a thriving cotton mill built by Samuel C. Vann in 1895. The mill closed in 1991 and became listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1996.

The General Contractor for the project was Rehab Builders, Inc based in Winston-Salem, NC. P&R Property Group were contracted to do the Drywalling & Painting of the building. This was a wonderful project to work on and to see the historical beauty in person was quite inspiring!

The history of the Cotton Mill is so very rich that we wanted to point out a few of the fascinating things we learned along the way.

Our first photos depict one of the original structures dating back to 1895. Great care has been taken to make sure this beautiful building keeps its historical ‘bones’ and it is currently being renovated to become the fitness center.


Our next photos highlight some of the fabulous window casings throughout the property. Keeping the integrity of these windows was of high importance! To maintain the Historical status that the Sterling Cotton Mill holds, preservation has to be taken very seriously and extra preparation, support & effort had to take place.


The photo below shows a poster that was inside the Mill at demo time. Farley Industries was founded by William F. Farley, who served as president and CEO of Fruit of the Loom from 1985 until 1999. Fruit of the Loom is an American company that manufactures clothing, particularly underwear. The mill was purchased in 1972 by Union Underwear Company, manufacturers of Fruit of the Loom fabric products, linking Farley Industries to this wonderful history-making building!


original poster ad from cotton mill


It’s was an amazing journey seeing this building take shape. We watched it change from the beautiful and historic Cotton Mill, to the stunning Lofts @ Sterling Mill it is today.

Even with the vast amount of changes that took place, Sterling Mill has managed to keep its historical integrity throughout. Attending the grand opening of this long-awaited building was so fulfilling. To look back at where it started and seeing the final outcome has been inspiring.

Rehab Builders did a fantastic job preserving so many of the historical details that make the building what it is today; a charming and well-used space that generations to come will get to enjoy.

Some more interesting facts before we showcase some of our favorite photos from the grand opening:

  • The bricks that were used throughout the project were made on site, using the original soil that was initially there. The curing process for each of these bricks differed depending on where they were to be used; Interior wall bricks needed less curing time than the bricks used for the exterior (and therefore stronger) walls.
  • To keep the historical beauty alive, many of the decorative pieces used throughout the property were original from the Mill itself, refurbished to their former glory.


We are so grateful to have been a part of this project and to have watched it transform right before our eyes!

We look forward to many more amazing ventures just like this one in the future. As always, contact us any time.

BE a STAR with P&R! 2019 TAA Trade Show

Last week the Triangle Apartment Association held their annual Trade Show event at the NC Fairgrounds. This year was even bigger and better than years before! The location was moved into the Jim Graham building for the first time and with this move came extra space, for a record of over 2000 attendees!

The theme this year was “Blast off with TAA – To Infinite Possibilities” and we had so much inspiration for planning our table. We decided on “Be a STAR with P&R!” as our slogan and went with a space theme photo booth for everyone to have their photo taken and sent directly to them right at the show!

p&r team at their stall for triangle apartment association trade show event.


Our booth was rented from Bunn DJ Company and the wonderful Erica Elder was the operator. We got some fantastic photos and had a literal ‘blast’ with this event. We even had customized Moon Pies to hand out that were a huge hit!

With drawings for a TV and a team lunch, we gave away some impressive prizes.

All in all this event was a HUGE success and like every year, everyone had fun and we enjoyed meeting new faces!

Pet Spa Renovation

A rarely used storage area over at the Town Station Apartments in Cary, NC (a Venterra Property) was recently converted into a much anticipated pet spa. The space was originally used to store broken appliances that needed repair; and after removal of the bulky items & some demo work, was a blank canvas for us to get started on!

The main wash basin was ordered from Flying Pig Grooming and came highly recommended. It’s large size and included ramp, makes it easy to use for pet-lovers of any age.

dog wash grooming station

After cleaning out the space and painting the walls with Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray, we worked on getting the vinyl composition tile laid and the plumbing hooked up.

The final space ended up looking amazing with bright & durable flooring, vivid splashes of color with the benches and impressive artwork and of course the main attraction; the 50″ stainless steel grooming tub!

Another outstanding job finished by our phenomenal team!

Contact us today for any of your renovation needs and let us help simplify life!

Is Your Roof Winter Ready?

Your roof is probably the most important part of protecting your home. It is first to come into contact with harsh weather conditions and needs to hold up to what Mother Nature throws its way!

Scorching summer sun can do its own damage, but today we are going to look into the wondrous winter weather that can really test your roofs staying power.

Snow accumulation can subject your roof to ice buildups called ice-damming. Ice-damming occurs when the sun comes out and the snow that has collected on your roof starts to melt. The melted water will start to run down the shingles into the gutters, which aren’t warm enough, causing the water to re-freeze. This re-frozen ice can build up in the gutters and downspouts and prevent water from running off the roof. This is where the problems arise from the melting snow working its way back up and under the shingles. Leaks can occur in your attic, ceilings & walls. Your attic is your homes barrier between the outside elements and the inside ceilings of your home. It is vitally important that there are no leaks in your roof and/or attic so your home can be protected at all times.

How to Winter-Ready Your Roof:

  • It starts at construction. A water-repellent layer should be inserted under the shingles when the roof is being built. This is imperative in the northern states of our country, where harsher winters can really take a toll on your home. De-icing cables should also be run over the shingles and looped through the upper gutters.
  • Insulate your attic thoroughly. This will minimize temperature fluctuations and keep the heat in the interior of your home.
  • Periodically have your roof & attic checked. At the first sign of winter-related damage start an action plan to get it fixed and for reoccurrence not to occur.
  • Make sure there are no over-hanging tree limbs or branches. Winter can bring with it harsh rain and winds as well as snow & ice, so getting the dangers away from your home now can prevent costly damage from falling limbs.
  • Install snow guards. A snow guard allows snow & ice to drop off the roof in small amounts or melt completely before falling to the ground. This will prevent the sudden release of mass amounts of snow which can be extremely dangerous. Lower roof areas, gutters, vents, landscaping and even pets and people can be seriously damaged or harmed by a heavy “roof avalanche”.

Preventing winter from damaging your roof is the first step in protecting your home.

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Home Safety During the Holidays

It IS the most wonderful time of the year! And we at P&R Property Group want to make sure that your home is protected during this happy season.

With the decorations going up and amasses of friends and family stopping by, keeping your home safe is a top priority.

Top Holiday Safety Tips:

  • Electrical Outlets: Make sure your outlets are in good working order, and don’t overload them with plugs; this is a common cause for household fires.
  • Wire Checks: Check all of your wires, connections and sockets for any signs of damage. A nasty shock or in some cases even a fire, can occur.
  • Candles: Aim to use battery-operated candles as often as possible. If you prefer to use regular, make sure they are never left lit without an adult in sight.
  • Tree: If your tree is real, keep it adequately watered. A dry tree is a huge fire hazard.
  • Lights: Never connect more than 3 strings of incandescent lights. Not only will it likely blow a fuse, it is a safety risk for fires.
  • Cords: Keep your cords away from potential damage; placed under rugs, squeezed into tight spaces, pinched by furniture and located near heat sources are all un-safe.
  • Your Kitchen: A no-brainer, but always stay in the kitchen when cooking. A leading cause of home fires is unattended cooking.
  • Turn Off: Make sure all your decorations, candles and any other decorated light-sources are all turned off and unplugged before you go to bed.

We care about the safety of others and hope that these tips can help you keep safe and have an amazing holiday season.

And as always, we are here and available for any of your service needs.

Contact us any time, and Happy Holidays to all!

Capital Expenditure Projects

We love creating the latest and innovative projects for our customers. It helps keep their properties ahead of their competitors, and brings in new and exciting amenities.

Cap-Ex Projects are a way for you to maintain and/or upgrade your Multi-Family Community or business, keeping it up-to-date and appealing to potential and current renters.

We are available at any time to consult with you about your Cap-Ex Projects and design needs. We can go over budget, time-frame and any ideas & questions you may have.

Cap-Ex Project Ideas:

  • Fitness Center Updates/Production: Modern exercise equipment and updated gym rooms to keep fit are always a benefit to your community. We can help design a well-thought out area for maximum use of space.
  • Dog Parks & Pet-Washing Facilities: Pets are family; and providing special places to help take care of them can really boost your rentability.
  • Paint Upgrades & Renovations: We all know a fresh coat of paint can transform a space. By opening up dark areas and adding more neutral tones, appealing to a wider range of clients.
  • New Light Fixtures & Lightbulbs: Lighting is just as important as paint. Switching to LED lightbulbs can help save energy costs and will appeal to the energy-conscious public.
  • Clubhouse Renovations: Your clubhouse is the first place potential customers see. Make it stand out with amazing upgrades; new entry doors and welcoming landscaping are a must.
  • Pool Remodeling & Decking: Update your decking and pool area to keep it looking new and inviting.
  • Fence Installations: (See photo below) Add some enclosed areas for parks and landscaping. Fencing has come a long way in recent years and can really make a statement!
  • Outdoor Kitchens/Fire Pit: Adding new features and gathering-areas to your property will help your community stand out.
  • Package Towers: (See photo below) This has been one of the more recent projects we have been working on. Package structures are becoming very popular in Multi-Family Communities. We will build the structure and prepare it and the surrounding area for Amazon to then install the lockers.

    The package facility at Century Park Place Apartments in Morrisville, NC.

    amazon package locker at century place apps

We’ve worked with many properties over the years and look forward to many more. Check out some of our previous projects.

Let’s see what our business can do for yours! Request a Quote today.