Kitchen & Powder Room Remodel

Creating a beautiful and functional new space for our clients is our top priority. This kitchen, powder room and flooring renovation was no exception.

We started with the kitchen, including new granite countertops, light fixtures, cabinets and all new Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) flooring. From there, the powder room received a new vanity with matching granite countertop, modern black sink and the same LVP flooring.

We continued the beautiful LVP flooring throughout the entire main level of the home. This included the dining room, hallway and living room. Giving the home a polished and cohesive look.

A fresh coat of paint, modern new appliances and stunning white tile with accent mosaic above the stove, finished the kitchen off.

The stairway received real red oak wood that was stained to match the LVP, completing the project perfectly.

We hope our clients thoroughly enjoy their new space and make many happy memories!

Spring Time – Cleaning & Organization

We are finally seeing some nice weather changes up ahead. Warmer temps bring the blooming of flowers and the urge to refresh our surroundings.
Being proactive now can help save you time and money in the future. Completing a clean-out & organization every 6 months can make all the difference to your wellbeing. Therefore, Spring & Fall are the typical and perfect time to get started.


  • Fertilize and seed where needed and think about installing a sprinkler system for easier maintenance.
  • Seasonal plants and shrubs should be planted after the last frost of the winter. Although Mother Nature likes to throw curveballs our way, the mid-to-end of March is usually a safe bet.
  • Replace or replenish flower beds with mulch or pine straw and prune those bushes ready for their rapid growth.
  • Add a fresh “Welcome” sign and some updated LED or SOLAR walkway lights to finish the newly updated look.

Exterior of the Home:

  • Powerwash siding & walkways. It will refresh the outside of your home and set it up for welcoming the summer.
  • Clean your gutters and down spurts from any lingering Fall leaves and debris.
  • Consider having your roof and attic areas inspected for any damage from the harsh winter weather.
  • Do a thorough walk-round of the homes exterior to check for any issues that may have been caused during the cold season.
  • Inspect your decks and patios for any rotting wood or mold and replace your outside furniture as needed.

Interior of the Home:

  • Inspect and change as needed the batteries of smoke & carbon dioxide detectors.
  • Change air filters regularly. Spring brings with it pollen and allergens galore!
  • Inspect and clean your windows inside and out.
  • Clean the dust and accumulation from ceiling fans that will likely have built-up with lack of use.
  • Consider adding some fresh coats of paint to certain rooms to lighten them up.
  • Clean & organize your pantry and refrigerator.
  • Give your garage or outside storage some love with a good clear out.

Our repairs & maintenance team are available to knock-out many of these tasks before they become a bigger problem, preventing stress or worry on your part. Lastly, consider our disinfecting service to get your home sanitized with ease.

a suited-up team member using sanitation equipment in an apartment.

Contact us today to see how P&R can help keep your home or business in tip-top shape.

House Remodel

Remodeling a house from a total disaster to a custom dream-home is a highly rewarding job.

The house on Dixie Trail was no exception!

The home came to us after a few mishaps with previous projects. It was pretty derelict but had so much potential, we could not wait to get our hands on it.

front view of house

The house has 3 floors that includes a partially finished basement.

The basement also came with some serious foundation issues that we had to address with steel columns designed by an engineer. The foundation wall was then waterproofed to prevent any further leaking and damage.

Basement Before and After: (click on image to enlarge)

Originally there was a wood column in the center of the living room which was supporting the roof load. We had to install a steel beam in the ceiling to support the roof and upper floor in order to remove the wood column. There was a full wall between the living room and kitchen as well as a dividing wall between the kitchen and dining room, both of which we removed. The kitchen area was pretty small so in the redesign process we made sure to expand the space and give it that open floor plan feel.

Kitchen & Living Room:

construction living room

The downstairs also originally consisted of an office area and had no master suite. We redesigned the office to create a master-on-suite with a stunning walk-in-shower, a new master closet and vanity area. We added a modern barn door to the entrance to the bathroom that really makes a statement.

Master Bed & Bath:

master bedroom remodel

master bathroom remodel

An existing bathroom downstairs was removed and reconfigured into two uses. A new hallway leading to the master suite and a half-bath for the main floor.

Upstairs was a total re-do with some quaint custom touches:

upstairs nook and hallway remodel

All new vinyl windows were added throughout the home as well as a brand new roof.
The exterior of the home had a front porch built, the brick and front door were painted and we added a retaining wall & parking pad.

The home was listed for sale and went under contract within a few days!

We really enjoyed this project and wish the new homeowners many years of happiness.

CONTACT US at any time for any of your property needs!

Adapting your Home for a Senior Loved-One

Moving a loved-one into your home and becoming their full or part-time caregiver is a huge undertaking. It can lead to some major adjustments for you and your family, which will likely include home renovations or updates.

Making this transition as smooth as possible will lesson the stress and frustrations that could arise during this situation. Independent living products are constantly being designed and built to benefit both seniors and their caregivers. These products allow seniors to handle their daily lives with little to no assistance with optimal safety in mind.

Things to Consider

  • Downstairs Bedroom Addition or Renovation: Having a downstairs bedroom is often the most important need for the situation. Stairs are usually one of the hardest thing to manage for the elderly. An office space can easily be converted to a well-equipped bedroom. Having a brand-new addition onto your home may be the only option if room is sparse. Adding bed-rails to the bed will aid in independence at night & morning time.
  • Accessibility: A Threshold Ramp is easy and safe to install. They come in many sizes and configurations and are the most cost-effective solution for accessibility. If stairs in the home are unavoidable, a Power Chair-Lift can be installed.
  • Bathroom Modifications: Adding Grab-Bars is essential; they provide support and stability when it’s needed for independent & safe bathing/toilet needs. Additional recommendations include Elevated Toilet Seats with arms, non-slip safety mats for floors and tub/shower, bath/shower chairs or benches and hands-free faucet controllers.
  • General Remodeling/Equipment: Other things that may be helpful or needed could include a Hospital Grade Bed, door-way widening for wheelchair access, tray tables for eating, dressing aids, Power-Lift Recliner and security cameras for general peace of mind.

Taking this huge step to care for a loved-one is a wonderful, selfless act. Let us help take the burden of renovations & modifications off your hands by being the one trusted source for all your renovation or remodeling needs.

Contact us any time for a FREE consultation and quote to get the process started!

How to Survive Through a Kitchen Renovation

There’s nothing quite as disrupting to our everyday life as having your kitchen remodeled. Removing your means of cooking homemade meals can not only be frustrating, it can also be costly.  The average time-frame for a full kitchen renovation varies greatly depending on different factors, but you can pretty much guarantee at least a month or two. Trying to stay sane during this hectic time can really take a strain on even the most patient of people!

The key is to plan ahead and know your limitations. Recognize that this is temporary and the end result will be worth it. With that in mind, here are some tips to make the process easier and take as much stress away as possible.

Plan Meals Ahead: This is essential for a smooth-running environment! Start planning meal ideas and gathering recipes that are easy to prepare and cook. Prepare freezer meals that can be stored in a garage deep-freezer or at a neighbors house. Fast-food is going to become your friend whether you want to accept it or not, but making wise choices can help alleviate some of the guilt. Set aside funds in preparation for the added expense of eating-out so the cost isn’t too much to bear.

Create a Mini-Kitchen: A life-saving idea that isn’t too hard to achieve is to set-up an area in your home with cooking & kitchen essentials. You’ll need a table, some storage (plastic drawers & cubbies work well) and easy-to-work with appliances (mini-fridge, air-fryer, microwave, toaster oven & instant-pots are great options). Use your storage area to keep paper-products, utensils, cooking supplies and spices in place. Keep a trashcan next to the space for easy clean-up and prepare to use plastic/paper plates & cups for this short time (the less washing-up created, the better!).

Breathe: Yes, this seems simple, but living through a kitchen remodel can be very trying and super-stressful! Take a breather, Remember this is temporary and the end result will be totally worth the struggle.

We’ve done many kitchen renovations over the years and enjoy them immensely. Give us a call or send us a message any time for a FREE consultation and quote!

Preparing your Home for the Market

Spring has finally arrived and the weather is beginning to warm up, making it the ideal time to put your home on the market. Getting your house sale-ready can seem quite intimidating. From the heavy cleaning, to mass organizing & of course the de-cluttering, you can become overwhelmed in a heartbeat! At P&R, we have devised a quick & simple to-do list that will point out the important areas that will make your home shine to its full potential, gaining you top dollar for your efforts!

To Do:

  1. De-Clutter: This definitely deserves the #1 spot on our list. It is essential to make your home seem roomy, bright and clear. Pack away as many toys, knick-knacks & unnecessary appliances as possible. For larger items, consider renting a storage unit to minimize the amount of furniture and create the feeling of plentiful space.
  2. Landscape: Making the outside of your home inviting and appealing is high up there with de-cluttering. Curb appeal can make or break a potential buyers interest! Have your exterior power-washed and make your front porch stand out with a welcoming sign or wreath & some colorful plants. Clean up flowerbeds and keep your lawn trimmed & tidy.
  3. Deep Clean: Take the time to really deep clean all the spaces of your home that might usually be overlooked. Bathrooms & kitchens need to shine and if appliances are included in the sale, make sure they do too! Decide whether the carpets need to be professionally cleaned or if replacement is the only logical way to go. Get those baseboards, stairways and blinds looking their best & don’t forget to organize kitchen drawers and cabinets.
  4. Paint: Inspect every wall for damage. Fill any holes and retouch dings & marks. Determine if a full paint-job is preferable over retouching immense amounts.
  5. Fixes: Check that everything is in working order in each room of the home. Every outlet should have power, every door and window should open seamlessly and listen for any unusual sounds that might need addressing.
  6. Upgrades: Knowing if an upgrade is preferable over leaving “as is” can be a stress! Consider if you’ll make a profit or return from the expense and whether not doing the upgrade will hinder your selling potential. Weigh your pros & cons to find a definitive answer.
  7. De-Personalize: Pack away family portraits and kids beloved artwork pieces. Potential buyers want to imagine themselves in the home and not be bombarded with personal items. Make sure you home seems open to anyone who may potentially live there.
  8. Pets: Pets are family, this we know, but not all buyers will have them. Take into consideration that some people might be automatically deterred by a home clearly harboring our furry-friends. That’s not to say to send your pets away during sale time; just use your judgement. Consider moving pet items into a garage or another out-of-the-way space before showings and invest in an automatic air freshener to help mask any lingering pet smells.
  9. Lighting: Create ambiance with subtle lighting that is consistent throughout the home. Make sure that all lightbulbs are in working order, and consider switching to LED bulbs for energy efficiency & low maintenance.
  10. Refresh: Finally, walking into a home that has a pleasing aroma can really make a difference! Baking fresh cookies before every showing sounds amazing, but totally not doable. Instead, add some essential oil diffusers or wax-warmers throughout the home to give off a clean & refreshing scent.

It doesn’t have to be an all-consuming and exhausting task to get your home ready to sell. Carve out a weekend or two to get the majority of the items accomplished, or save yourself the time and headache by hiring a professional who can dedicate their team to getting the job done efficiently and for a great price. Not only will this make your home stand out and sell quicker, when it comes to time for home inspections, mostly all of the “little” things will have already been seen to!

Our Repairs & Maintenance Services is also the perfect way to have the up-keep of your home taken care of before any of the above even arise.

So give us a call or email today and let’s get your home ready to sell for big bucks!