Nothing makes a huge statement like a fresh coat of paint. It can take the ‘drab’ to ‘fab’ in a short amount of time.

Paint can change the entire feel of a room. It can brighten, darken or liven wherever it is coated!

Getting ready to sell your home? Consider paint as one of the best ways to prepare it for sale.

Things To Consider:

Color: Likely the hardest decision to make, and the one with the biggest impact. Deciding on the perfect color can take time. Get samples, test the colors and get input from friends and family. Remember that whatever you choose will likely be on your walls for years to come.

Sheen: Flat, Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte and Eggshell to name a few. Chose the right sheen for your needs. Research and talk with a professional to ensure you pick the perfect type.

Purpose: If you are painting for resale and not for your own personal pleasure, always go with neutral colors that are pleasing to the eye. Nobody wants to see bright, vivid colors when touring a home for sale. Neutral colors will help prospective buyers imagine themselves in that space and what they can do with it.

Professional or Do-It-Yourself: Do you have the time and motivation to paint yourself? Is the space you are painting easy to reach? Take into consideration ALL the aspects of what painting an area entails. High ceilings and hard to reach spaces will make the job difficult. Hiring professionals is the best route to take under those circumstances.

Cost: Paint itself is fairly cheap considering how much it can transform a space. The cost will of course be higher if professionals are hired to do the job, but in most cases the cost is worth every penny!

Historical buildings come with their own set of needs & rules when it comes to painting. If a building was built before 1978 it will need to be tested for lead paint. This is one of the main things to prepare for before painting a Historic Home. Also remember to keep the authentic history of the building with period-appropriate colors.

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