Celebrating 10 Years of P&R Property Group

This year marks the 10th anniversary of our amazing company. It has been such an adventure and one we are very proud of. We wanted to take this time to reflect back over the years and remember how far we have come.

How P&R started:

Damian & Camron were friends for many years before starting the company. They were working as Superintendents when they first began to discuss the prospect, but eventually they both moved on to work different jobs. Keeping in touch throughout the years, they never forgot their dream of starting a construction business together.

When the recession hit, it seemed the perfect time to build a company that would be viable in many construction sectors while being as recession-proof as possible.

“First, we had to sit down and sell our business plan to our future CFO, my wife Lisa, which none of what we have created could be possible. While she worked her full-time job, she continually gave countless hours, as she does today, to develop and run our complete financial foundation.”

After deciding on the company name, getting a logo made and officially registering the business, they were set to go! Major networking, taking any jobs available, which included painting and mowing lawns, they worked tirelessly to get P&R Property off of the ground.

From a little run-down office behind a feed store, to the new office with 20 employees in Downtown Apex, the company has continued to grow year after year. Learning & evolving over time and always trying to live by the values of Respect, Integrity & Transparency.

Collage of photos depicting P&R's work.

P&R continue to strive to give back to their employees & the communities they live and work in. Constantly remembering to show appreciation for what they help the business to achieve.

Looking to the future:

“10 years has gone by so fast and we have grown so much, yet there is so much more we want to achieve. We welcome new challenges and strive to get better every day so we can watch what we have created evolve to a business of strength for the next decade to come.

We are truly thankful to all of our loyal customers, employees & families – Here’s to the next 10 years!


Back to School – During the Pandemic

The upcoming new school year is going to look very different at the end of this month.
2020 has been throwing us curveballs for the last 6 months and our teachers and kids have been dealing with a huge change in how they teach and learn.

The saying #WeAreAllinThisTogether has never felt so true.
Parents across the country are facing the same, if not similar, situations. Some initial planning and preparations ahead of time will help alleviate some of the stress and worry to come.

Plan Ahead:
Most kids will be starting their school year off with some type of Remote Learning. Lessons will be held online at home through live and pre-recorded classes. Now is the perfect time to set up an area that will work best for the situation. Designate a space that is conducive to learning and has little distractions. Remember that this is a learning experience for us all and it may take time to find your rhythm.

Take Breaks:
Kids will still have time for ‘recess’ and physical activities. This will stay an important part of their day. A healthy breakfast before the day starts and plenty of time to take a brain-break will help keep them focused and on task. Remember mom, dad or caregiver should also take some time out for themselves.

Keep a Routine:
Most kids strive on a consistent structure. Aim for a routine that will work with your schedule and can be kept fairly consistent each day. This doesn’t have to be exactly what a ‘normal’ school day would be like; choose something that works for your family.

Look for the Silver Lining:
Sometimes just focusing on the positives of a scary and mostly unknown situation can help bring a sense of peace. Think of how much money will be saved on not having to buy back-to-school clothes and shoes!

In-Person Schooling:
For the kids who do have the option of in-person schooling, the set-up and daily schedule will likely be very different from what they were used too. Take some time to go over the expectations that will be required of them and explain how things won’t be back to normal just yet.

This year has definitely changed the way we live our lives in many ways. We want you to know that we are here to help in any way we can. Many of our staff are facing the same schooling struggles and knowing you have support can be a huge relief.

House Remodel

Remodeling a house from a total disaster to a custom dream-home is a highly rewarding job.

The house on Dixie Trail was no exception!

The home came to us after a few mishaps with previous projects. It was pretty derelict but had so much potential, we could not wait to get our hands on it.

The house has 3 floors that includes a partially finished basement.

The basement also came with some serious foundation issues that we had to address with steel columns designed by an engineer. The foundation wall was then waterproofed to prevent any further leaking and damage.

Basement Before and After: (All photos are clickable for clearer details)

Originally there was a wood column in the center of the living room which was supporting the roof load. We had to install a steel beam in the ceiling to support the roof and upper floor in order to remove the wood column. There was a full wall between the living room and kitchen as well as a dividing wall between the kitchen and dining room, both of which we removed. The kitchen area was pretty small so in the redesign process we made sure to expand the space and give it that open-floorplan feel.

Kitchen & Living Room Before and After:

The downstairs also originally consisted of an office area and had no master suite. We redesigned the office to create a master-on-suite with a stunning walk-in-shower, a new master closet and vanity area. We added a modern barn door to the entrance to the bathroom that really makes a statement.

Master Bed & Bath Before and After:

An existing bathroom downstairs was removed and reconfigured into two uses. A new hallway leading to the master suite and a half-bath for the main floor.

Upstairs was a total re-do with some quaint custom touches:

All new vinyl windows were added throughout the home as well as a brand new roof.
The exterior of the home had a front porch built, the brick and front door were painted and we added a retaining wall & parking pad.

Exterior Before and After:

The final photos that show how the house turned out in all its amazing glory. The home was listed for sale and went under contract within a few days!

We really enjoyed this project and wish the new homeowners many years of happiness.
Don’t forget about our SPRING SAVINGS event and please CONTACT US at any time for any of your property needs!

DIY and Organization Projects to do While at Home

It’s been a tough couple of weeks already and it seems there are more to come. Staying home for longer periods than you are used to can really take a toll on your mental wellbeing.
So when boredom sets in or you want to take a time-out from working/teaching, take a look at some fun projects and DIY ideas we’ve found to get you through these long, weary days.
  • Organize: Now is a great time to pull out all the mess in your kitchen cabinets and drawers and get them organized! Nothing feels quite so satisfying as the accomplishment of an orderly kitchen. Throw away those rusty spatulas and stack the Tupperware lids in perfect unison. Pull the clothing from your closet and donate anything you haven’t worn in at least 2 years. You’ll likely even find items you’d forgot you’d bought!
  • Fun Kid Projects: If the kids are out of school and complaining they are bored, some of these ideas can help keep you from losing your mind. Use their imaginations to transform existing items you have around your home into something new and exciting. Build forts, make crafts and enjoy some quality time doing silly things with the little ones! Lowe’s Home Improvement Center also has some cute and easy ideas that will inspire their imaginations. Try tie-dying shirts or cooking new things they’ve never had before.
  • Spring Clean: It’s also the perfect time to get to those intimidating cleaning projects you’ve been putting off. The dirty grout or moldy sealant that’s been staring at you for months can look brand new with a little elbow grease and some extra cleaning products! Baseboards can be wiped down and grab those little wonders, Magic Erasers, and get the kids to clean all the mud, grime and dirt from the walls and staircases.
  • De-Clutter: As your epic organizing and spring cleaning is on-going, you’re sure to find things that you don’t want or need any longer. Rearrange your furniture for a whole new look and plan to fill a box/bag with your unwanted items to donate. You’ll be surprised how rewarding it feels to clear some space!
  • DIY: Grab some supplies and get to work on some DIY projects. Maybe paint an accent wall in a room to give it a whole new look. Refresh your deck with a new coat of stain, add new furniture & decorative pieces  to give yourself a whole new ‘room’ to hang out in. Look on Pinterest for DIY ideas for around the home and try something you’ve never done before to bring out your inner talents.
  • Yard Work: Lastly, it’s the optimum time to get your yard cleaned-up and add some curb appeal. Order seeds and plants online (where possible) to avoid unnecessary trips into stores, and have mulch or bedding delivered in bulk (cheaper and easier!). Paint or stain your front door for an updated pop of curb appeal and don’t forget to power wash all the nasty pollen that’s accumulated these last few weeks!

We truly hope some of these ideas will help keep you and your loved ones busy during this strange and complicated time.

We are all navigating this together; and if there’s anything we can help with please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Dance Studio Renovation

In the heart of beautiful Cary, NC we recently completed a full renovation of a former gymnastics studio into a remarkable & unique space. Arthur Murray Dance Center specializes in Ballroom, Latin & Swing Dances and offers classes for every age and experience in a tranquil and stunning setting.

“At Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Cary, our talented instructors and proven teaching methods will have you on the floor in no time.

Experience the grace and excitement of this timeless social activity with programs that are customized to fit your unique goals and schedule. Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming event, want to stand out in a club, or simply want to move with greater confidence, we’ll show you the magic of dance!”

A complete demo took place to create an exceptional & exclusive studio designed with style and space.

The exquisite flooring was laid by custom floor company DanceFlex Floors to assure the perfect look and feel. The rest of the space was renovated to the highest standards by our hardworking team, with incredible chandeliers and elegant lighting throughout.

The end result is a stunning and refined studio ready to excel in the modern and timeless art of dance!

Arthur Murray Dance Center has it’s Grand Opening this Saturday and we hope the turn-out is fabulous! Check them out and find all the details on their Facebook Page.

Projects big or small all get the attention to detail and time they need when you chose P&R Property Group as your contractor! From our Maintenance Service to our Multi-Family Repositions and Historical Renovations, we can do it all. Contact us today for a FREE Quote.

7 Years Strong

Another amazing year has passed and our ever-growing company is celebrating its 7th anniversary!

The last year has seen some definite highs and some eye-opening lows, but as always we continue to do what we do with honesty and integrity. There have been changes and shifts in our team and we are now stronger than ever.

To think back from where we came from and see how far we have come is such a surreal & incredible feeling!

We honestly can’t wait to see what this next year has in store and we will continue to put out our best work and our passion for excellence will always shine through.

Happy Anniversary to us!