Celebrating 10 Years of P&R Property Group

This year marks the 10th anniversary of our amazing company. It has been such an adventure and one we are very proud of. We wanted to take this time to reflect back over the years and remember how far we have come.

How P&R started:

Damian & Camron were friends for many years before starting the company. They were working as Superintendents when they first began to discuss the prospect, but eventually they both moved on to work different jobs. Keeping in touch throughout the years, they never forgot their dream of starting a construction business together.

When the recession hit, it seemed the perfect time to build a company that would be viable in many construction sectors while being as recession-proof as possible.

“First, we had to sit down and sell our business plan to our future CFO, my wife Lisa, which none of what we have created could be possible. While she worked her full-time job, she continually gave countless hours, as she does today, to develop and run our complete financial foundation.”

After deciding on the company name, getting a logo made and officially registering the business, they were set to go! Major networking, taking any jobs available, which included painting and mowing lawns, they worked tirelessly to get P&R Property off of the ground.

From a little run-down office behind a feed store, to the new office with 20 employees in Downtown Apex, the company has continued to grow year after year. Learning & evolving over time and always trying to live by the values of Respect, Integrity & Transparency.

Collage of photos depicting P&R's work.

P&R continue to strive to give back to their employees & the communities they live and work in. Constantly remembering to show appreciation for what they help the business to achieve.

Looking to the future:

“10 years has gone by so fast and we have grown so much, yet there is so much more we want to achieve. We welcome new challenges and strive to get better every day so we can watch what we have created evolve to a business of strength for the next decade to come.

We are truly thankful to all of our loyal customers, employees & families – Here’s to the next 10 years!


Continuing our Business During COVID-19

These last four months have been nothing short of madness for us all. We’ve seen businesses temporarily closed and others that have had to shut their doors permanently. It has definitely been a roller-coaster of emotions with many drastic changes.

We have tried our best to continue our high standards of work and to follow all safety precautions that have been set. Our team has taken the time to stay informed with our regulations, and for that we are thankful.

We know these times are difficult and our norm will likely never be the same. We still hope to be your go-to for any personal or business related contracting work and continue to add new customers to our portfolio.

During the Pandemic:

  • Screened porch requests have been on the rise and we have enjoyed renovating & building these extra living-spaces; creating another room to spend quality time in while also adding equity to your home.
  • We have maintained our relationship with our Multifamily Construction and hope to keep our quality of work as great as possible. Apartment repositions and general service requests/maintenance work are always a high priority.
  • Our new Disinfecting Services has got off to a great start and we are thankful we can bring this service to our customers at this time.
  • Our workload continues to stay steady with renovations and new additions. We look forward to our business growing as the country opens back up.

Looking to the Future:

  • We have an updated website coming very soon which we are quite excited about. Easier to navigate and with extra information, the website should be a great new asset to our continued growth.
  • We are finishing up some larger renovation projects that have taken a longer period of time to complete. We can’t wait to showcase the before & after photos that are always impressive.

All in all this pandemic has taken its toll on everyone; and we are no exception. But with the strength and determination we all carry within us, we know that we will all come through this with a new perspective and a greater appreciation.

Contact us anytime:  919-908-7341

Positivity During Covid-19

We know this last month has been very tough on most of us. Crazy new schedules that are mostly being conducted from home and learning to live with what is our new norm right now; it can drive even the calmest of us a little crazy.

There are things to look forward to though and we want to help keep your spirits high during this difficult time.

Remember, this won’t last forever.
Try to keep positive and look to the future, imagining all the fun things you can do soon. Sit down and talk with your loved-ones about any future ideas or plans. Create a list of things that each of you would like to achieve, a After Pandemic Bucket List” of sorts!

  • Plan a vacation for the upcoming year. Get everyones opinions and come to a conclusion that makes the whole family happy.
  • Talk about future goals that you’d all like to achieve. Maybe take up a new hobby or an outdoor activity you’ve never tried once the stay-at-home order has been lifted.
  • Plan some updates or renovations for your home or yard. Think about what you’d really enjoy having added to your life right at this moment, which would help ease the circumstances we are in now.
  • Research a new look. Once the salons are back open, a new cut or color can be an exciting and fun experience to look forward to.

We also want to take this time to keep our customers (past, present & future) aware that we are always here and there are many ways we can still be useful to your home or business needs.

We’ve seen a surge in requests for certain amenities and add-ons, all while keeping social-distancing and health & safety at the forefront of our minds.

Some Things to Consider:

  • Summer is well on its way! Having your HVAC system checked and tuned-up before the hottest days of the year are here is a great idea.
  • Windows, roofing and siding can all be done with minimal invasion to the interior of your home.
  • Screen-in those porches. Creating a safe, secluded and bug-free area on your deck can completely change the space. It’s like adding a whole new living-area to your home. We can add a roof and screens and even custom pieces if wanted.

Don’t forget:
We are a full-service general contractor and can do just about anything! These strange and uncertain times encourage us to help you even more! We offer competitive prices and will strive to give you a great deal, follow all safety protocols and the do best job we can.

We hope this temporary time can be spent with your family, making plans and making memories along the way!

Call 919-908-7341 or Message Us, any time.

DIY and Organization Projects to do While at Home

It’s been a tough couple of weeks already and it seems there are more to come. Staying home for longer periods than you are used to can really take a toll on your mental wellbeing.

So when boredom sets in or you want to take a time-out from working/teaching, take a look at some fun projects and DIY ideas we’ve found to get you through these long, weary days.


  • Organize: Now is a great time to pull out all the mess in your kitchen cabinets and drawers and get them organized! Nothing feels quite so satisfying as the accomplishment of an orderly kitchen. Throw away those rusty spatulas and stack the Tupperware lids in perfect unison. Pull the clothing from your closet and donate anything you haven’t worn in at least 2 years. You’ll likely even find items you’d forgot you’d bought!
  • Fun Kid Projects: If the kids are out of school and complaining they are bored, some of these ideas can help keep you from losing your mind. Use their imaginations to transform existing items you have around your home into something new and exciting. Build forts, make crafts and enjoy some quality time doing silly things with the little ones! Lowe’s Home Improvement Center also has some cute and easy ideas that will inspire their imaginations. Try tie-dying shirts or cooking new things they’ve never had before.
  • Spring Clean: It’s also the perfect time to get to those intimidating cleaning projects you’ve been putting off. The dirty grout or moldy sealant that’s been staring at you for months can look brand new with a little elbow grease and some extra cleaning products! Baseboards can be wiped down and grab those little wonders, Magic Erasers, and get the kids to clean all the mud, grime and dirt from the walls and staircases.
  • De-Clutter: As your epic organizing and spring cleaning is on-going, you’re sure to find things that you don’t want or need any longer. Rearrange your furniture for a whole new look and plan to fill a box/bag with your unwanted items to donate. You’ll be surprised how rewarding it feels to clear some space!
  • DIY: Grab some supplies and get to work on some DIY projects. Maybe paint an accent wall in a room to give it a whole new look. Refresh your deck with a new coat of stain, add new furniture & decorative pieces  to give yourself a whole new ‘room’ to hang out in. Look on Pinterest for DIY ideas for around the home and try something you’ve never done before to bring out your inner talents.
  • Yard Work: Lastly, it’s the optimum time to get your yard cleaned-up and add some curb appeal. Order seeds and plants online (where possible) to avoid unnecessary trips into stores, and have mulch or bedding delivered in bulk (cheaper and easier!). Paint or stain your front door for an updated pop of curb appeal and don’t forget to power wash all the nasty pollen that’s accumulated these last few weeks!

We truly hope some of these ideas will help keep you and your loved ones busy during this strange and complicated time.

We are all navigating this together; and if there’s anything we can help with please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Home & Renovation Trends for 2020

As February creeps up on us, what better time to take a look at some of the expected trends to take place this year.

Some renovation trends will always be in-style, but below are a few we think will be on the uprise in 2020.

Trends for the Year:

Health & Wellness: Wellness focused home-improvements are definitely on the rise. Products that focus on overall health will be in high demand this year. From Water and Air Purifiers to Circadian Lighting for improved sleep and plenty of Non-Toxic materials. Keeping our homes as clean and natural as possible is becoming the in-thing for 2020.

Cost-Savings: It is expected that Renovations are on the decline for this year, but that won’t stop money being spent. Cost-saving projects will keep moving forward, such as energy-efficient lighting and appliances, improved Roofing and home insulation.

DIY: 2020 is the year that could see the highest rate of DIY’er’s to date. With access to online forums and video sites (YouTube & Pinterest), homeowners are taking things into their own hands. Technology and research can go a long way to help projects run smoothly and cost-efficient.

Surfaces: One of the largest expenditures in home renovations will always be surfaces of all kinds;  Flooring, carpets, tiles and panelling are some of the popular ones. This trend will continue throughout this year.

Climate: With our ever-changing weather and concerns for keeping our homes safe and energy-efficient, new protection against the elements will continue to be a main renovation subject.

Paint: Painting is one of those tedious, yet highly rewarding tasks. Paint companies continue to see strong growth, and a fresh new coat of color can add value and fun to your home. Trending colors are forever changing and with the mixing of styles comes new ideas.

Custom/Luxury Features: There was a time not long ago that custom features were limited and rather expensive. A greater range of products are now widely available and will continue to grow this year. More homes will have the opportunity to be “customized” with products that were once thought to be only for the higher-end homes.

“Smart” Devices: Expect 2020 to be full of everything Smart! Robotic vacuums continue to be on the rise and everything from voice-activated faucets, to home protection systems will be the talk of every home. The Smart world has really taken over.

There is a lot to look forward to this year as far as renovations and home trends go!

The 2020 KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) took place in Las Vegas last week and showcased some innovative and high-tech gadgets and designs. With more than 2,000 exhibitors there was plenty to see…..

Check back next week for a more in-depth look into some of the standouts from the show.

From renovations to innovative products, we can help achieve your home or business goals. Contact us today for a FREE personalized consultation!


2019 in Reflection

As this year comes to an end, we wanted to take a look back at some of our favorite projects and on-going work through 2019. It’s been an amazing year with many memorable times had. With the new decade approaching, we are taking this opportunity to reminisce while looking forward to what 2020 will bring us!

The Lofts at Sterling Mill certainly won many of our hearts over the year. With its historical beauty and amazing transformation, we really enjoyed being a part of and watching this building come back to life.

As well as taking on these larger projects, we also thoroughly enjoyed the smaller residential work we completed. From master bathroom remodels, to getting homes market-ready, each job has been unique and fulfilling.

Our continuing work with our Multifamily communities keeps us busy and determined to be the best. Completing pet grooming spas, interior repositions, service work and much more. We thank the Camden and Greystar communities for their trust and faith in us. Expanding our local work into Charlotte, NC with Camden’s South End and Greystar’s Matthews Reserve and Crosstown in Chapel Hill.

We have much hope and excitement for what 2020 will bring. A new decade that will open doors for our continued growth and to provide excellent service and quality work to our present and future customers.

Happy New Year!