We know this last month has been very tough on most of us. Crazy new schedules that are mostly being conducted from home and learning to live with what is our new norm right now; it can drive even the calmest of us a little crazy.

There are things to look forward to though and we want to help keep your spirits high during this difficult time.

Remember, this won’t last forever.
Try to keep positive and look to the future, imagining all the fun things you can do soon. Sit down and talk with your loved-ones about any future ideas or plans. Create a list of things that each of you would like to achieve, a After Pandemic Bucket List” of sorts!

  • Plan a vacation for the upcoming year. Get everyones opinions and come to a conclusion that makes the whole family happy.
  • Talk about future goals that you’d all like to achieve. Maybe take up a new hobby or an outdoor activity you’ve never tried once the stay-at-home order has been lifted.
  • Plan some updates or renovations for your home or yard. Think about what you’d really enjoy having added to your life right at this moment, which would help ease the circumstances we are in now.
  • Research a new look. Once the salons are back open, a new cut or color can be an exciting and fun experience to look forward to.

We also want to take this time to keep our customers (past, present & future) aware that we are always here and there are many ways we can still be useful to your home or business needs.

We’ve seen a surge in requests for certain amenities and add-ons, all while keeping social-distancing and health & safety at the forefront of our minds.

Some Things to Consider:

  • Summer is well on its way! Having your HVAC system checked and tuned-up before the hottest days of the year are here is a great idea.
  • Windows, roofing and siding can all be done with minimal invasion to the interior of your home.
  • Screen-in those porches. Creating a safe, secluded and bug-free area on your deck can completely change the space. It’s like adding a whole new living-area to your home. We can add a roof and screens and even custom pieces if wanted.

Don’t forget:
We are a full-service general contractor and can do just about anything! These strange and uncertain times encourage us to help you even more! We offer competitive prices and will strive to give you a great deal, follow all safety protocols and the do best job we can.

We hope this temporary time can be spent with your family, making plans and making memories along the way!

Call 919-908-7341 or Message Us, any time.